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As a licensed family therapist for more than 25 years, I had the privilege of working with children, teenagers, young adults and families impacted by ADHD, depression, anxiety, parent-child conflicts and other school-related concerns. I loved what I was doing professionally, but realized I was neglecting my own self-care needs.

ADHD Life Coach Robin Livingston-Richter
ADHD Life Coach Robin Richter - College and Professional Athletes
Minnesota ADHD Life Coach Robin Livingston Richter

At the age of 34, I discovered I had ADHD. My life was in constant chaos. After struggling with some of my own emotional issues, I decided to hire a life coach to help me navigate my journey and help me clarify what was important to me. I found out I had strengths that I had always overlooked because I was too busy putting energy into overcompensating for my weaknesses. I found coaching so empowering. I finally realized I could get things done using systems that worked best for me.


I so wished I had found out sooner in my life about my unique brain and unique traits. I remember feeling relieved, yet profoundly sad wondering what difference I would have experienced if I had known about my ADHD and learning disability and how to manage them.

Through my own discovery, my family decided they also wanted to know more about themselves. As a parent of two teenagers living with ADHD, and married to a successful entrepreneur with ADHD, I found that ADHD shows up differently for all of us. We have changed from expect to accept in our family and put energy into our strengths instead of our obstacles.


Because of my strong belief in the coaching relationship, I decided to go back to school to become an ADHD Life Coach. I loved every minute of my training because I knew I could teach and guide others through my own experiences.


Fast forward to today. I have combined my unique experience as a licensed therapist, my personal journey, and my training as an ADHD Coach to become a Therapeutic Live Coach. I am also a co-founder and Executive Director at Mental Health Navigators, a national non-profit online community support and resource group helping parents of children experiencing mental health issues.


I live and thrive with my growth mind set. I am committed to teaching teenagers, college-aged students, young adults, parents and athletes about their unique brain wiring to help them create systems of success at home, school, with friends, at practice, on the job, and with family.


Imagine how you and/or your children will feel when they are understood, when their voices are heard, and when their unique brain wiring and way of processing information is honored.

- Robin Livingston-Richter

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