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When life ever return to normal? In a time where normal is shifting and causing days/nights of living in unfamiliar territory, it is key to rely on comforting  ways central to human functioning. Communication and expressing our inner truth, inner worries, fear, anger, disappointments, grief are critical to establishing new ways. Someone recently called this resetting and repurposing.


Many are feeling alone and facing layers of challenges on how to manage, navigate and create a new flow in life.


Although you might feel alone, you don't have to do this alone. I am a licensed family therapist and a life coach offering on line sessions. Please connect with me to learn more


I'm very excited to work with you! To order...


  • After payment, you'll see an Instruction Page on how to contact me and schedule your first appointment.

  • HSA Payments / Cards Accepted

Package 1: "Planning and Strategy"


  • 90-minute in-person or tele-coaching session

  • Total Investment: $395

Package 2: "What's Right About Me"


  • 90-minute Planning and Strategy session

  • 3 in-person or tele-coaching sessions (45 minutes each)

  • Total Investment: $595​​

Package 3: "Your Best Version of You"


  • 90-minute Planning and Strategy session

  • 7 in-person or tele-coaching sessions (45 minutes each)

  • Total Investment: $895

Individual Coaching Sessions

  • Available following completion of a Coaching Package

  • Purchase as many sessions as you need

  • Investment: $95 per session

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