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I offer multiple Coaching Packages and Sessions to fit your needs. Schedule an Initial Consultation to help you determine which option is best for you.

Initial Consultation

If you are ready to step into change, this is GREAT NEWS!


To determine if Therapeutic Life Coaching is the right fit for you, I conduct a 45-minute in-person or tele-coaching consultation. This is a time for you to ask questions, and where I learn more about you and your goals. I will also share resources and ideas specific to you. Then we determine if Stigma2Strength is the right choice for you and discuss the best Package Option. 

Schedule Your Initial Consultation Today!


All Coaching Packages Include...

  • The “Planning and Strategy Session”

    • A 90 minute-session where together we will...

      • Learn about your ADHD brain and your unique wiring

      • Conduct an in-depth assessment on your current situation

      • Discuss your goals, objectives, and current limiting beliefs

      • Discover what brings you joy and happiness

      • Complete the ADHD Life Wheel exercise

      • Create strategies/tactics to help you get "unstuck"

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  • In-Depth Strength-Based Coaching which includes some or all of...

    • Weekly prep-work based on consultation outcomes and goals

    • Strengths Assessment​

    • Values Assessment

    • Visualization / Purposeful Living

    • Goal Setting

    • Executive Functioning 

    • "Tipping Points" discovery

    • Self-Care awareness and management

    • Co-Existing Condition (e.g., anxiety, depression, etc.) education

    • Wellness Lifestyle living

    • Learning Style Assessment

    • Mindfulness training

    • Inner-Critic dialogue and management

    • Motivational tactics

    • Therapeutic resource recommendations

    • Clinical referrals (when necessary)

    • Special Education System navigation (when necessary)

    • Nutrition and Supplement education (based on personal experience)

    • Personalized homework assignments ensuring follow-through

    • One-on-one support via text, email, or phone

Purchase Your Package Today!

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