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I believe in a collaborative partnership. We are a team. Therapeutic Life Coaching combines my proven strategies learned from 25+ years as a licensed Psychotherapist with the growth mindset of executive Life Coaching. With this unique combination, I will help you become the best YOU, based on your specific goals and unique strengths. We will discover what is important to you, what you want to achieve, and what are the obstacles preventing you from accomplishing your goals. Together, we will design a vision for your future with accountable action steps you can implement to achieve your objectives.


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Your challenge with distraction is not related to your intelligence – it’s not IF you’re smart but rather HOW you’re smart.


In today's "let's diagnose every issue as a disorder" world in which we live, you may have been labeled with ADHD or another diagnosis, implying something is wrong with you. What if this stigma label is actually one of your STRENGTHS?

When understood and correctly channeled, your challenges can be redefined to help you achieve your goals and live the best version of you.

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Therapeutic Life Coaching helps you discover your unique strengths, and through self-awareness, gain a deep understanding of how to manage your unique brain. Together, we will focus on three core strategies that ultimately help transform your stigma that once held you back into a strength:

  • Life Coaching - Do your attention issues cause you to spend energy and time overcompensating when faced with a challenge? Based on your unique brain wiring, I will help you learn strategies and develop success systems so you can achieve your goals.

  • Skills Coaching – Do you know your strengths? Together, we will discover what makes you unique and build a set of tailored skills so that you can manage your challenges. Instead of feeling a sense of dread and frustration, you can feel empowered knowing you have the skills and strategies to succeed.

  • Education - Do you know what's possible? Information is power. Coaching will help you understand your unique traits leading towards greater self-awareness.

Stigma2Strength helps you honor your strengths, passions, interests and talents. 

Imagine your life when all are aligned.

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Robin Livingston-Richter, LICSW has more than 25 years of experience as a licensed psychotherapist, providing therapy to children, teenagers and families in various settings including inpatient hospital mental health, day treatment centers, shelters, and outpatient clinics and centers.

After a lifetime of challenges, in 2014, Robin was diagnosed with ADHD, a learning disability and other mental health challenges. This was the impetus for a new journey of recovery and discovery. In 2015, Robin decided to devote her practice to helping those struggling silently to conquer their challenges and live their dreams. In 2016, Robin received her advanced certification from The International ADHD Coach Training Center in Washington State and opened Stigma2Strength. 

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Robin Livingston Richter, MSW, LICSW - Minnesota's #1 Rated ADHD Life Coach
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